Borcq Jewellery

handcrafted jewellery and necklaces made with natural stone and minerals

contemporary style with the timeless elegance of natural stone

Borcq jewellery detail.

Borcq create necklaces, collars and sautoirs in natural stones and minerals. Conceived as individual compositions, each piece is unique.

natural stones

We use a wide range of natural stones, minerals, crystals, and semi-precious jewels, each selected to add unique natural colour and texture to our designs.

Here is just a small selection of some of the minerals and stones used in our work: spinel, jasper, haematite, labradorite, garnet, sapphire, antique coral, cultured pearls, sardonyx, tourmaline, carnelian, iolite, pyrites, tiger's eye, quartz, agate, bloodstone, rubellite, chalcedony, calcite, aquamarine, flourite, lava, turquoise and obsidian.

See our natural stone jewellery in our portfolio.


Borcq also offer a re-threading and restringing service for refurbishing and repairing pearl and bead necklaces.

contact borcq

We check our e-mail regularly and are also available by telephone, so if you require any information please contact us.

Borcq jewellery.
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