Borcq Jewellery

handcrafted jewellery and necklaces made with natural stone and minerals

about borcq natural stone jewellery

Borcq jewellery detail.

Borcq creates necklaces, collars and sautoirs in natural stones and minerals, sourced from all corners of the world. From the delicate to the massive and barbaric, our style is defined by the imaginative way we combine colour, shape, texture and lustre.

individual style

Individually composed, no two pieces are alike. You will be choosing a unique item which not just reflects your individual taste but which is in every way special to you.

created in yorkshire

Based in Harrogate, Yorkshire, we are a small family team. Together with over 30 years experience in all aspects of the jewellery business, antique and modern, we combine a qualified design background with technical expertise. As well as our varied collection, we offer a bespoke service where necklaces to your own colour and style requirements can be commissioned.

further information about borcq

The design portfolio is updated frequently, when pieces are sold and as new designs are constructed. We check our e-mail regularly and are also available by telephone, so if you require any information please contact us.

Borcq jewellery.
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